Energy Tax Credits

The energy tax credit program was created to reward homeowners for making changes to their households to become more energy efficient.

While the program changes from year to year, one thing is very clear: more than half of a home’s energy consumption is used for its heating and air conditioning.

Shamrock Heating & Cooling knows that no matter the current price of fuel, over time an energy efficient HVAC system will save your household thousands of dollars. Even if no tax credits existed, replacing an old, worn-out and inefficient furnace and air conditioner with a modern system is one of the best moves any homeowner can make.

While we are not tax preparers or accountants, we do know that in 2015, there are still tax credits and significant savings available for homeowners who install new central air conditioners, boilers and furnaces. Credits are also available for the installation of solar energy, insulation and even skylights.

Tax credits are available for your heating or cooling products, but it must be done by the end of the current calendar year to get credit for the current year. Combine the tax credit with the savings from your lower home energy bills and you will understand why homeowners have taken advantage of the tax credit program.

Shamrock Heating & Cooling will be pleased to talk to you about the advantages of high efficiency HVAC systems and how tax credits may be used to lower your taxes.

Shamrock Heating & Cooling has been helping homeowners to consume less fuel and be more energy efficient for more than 40 years. We know green. Our name is Shamrock after all!


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