Here’s Why Itasca Adores Shamrock Heating & Cooling!

Shamrock Heating & Cooling is the local Itasca HVAC company that really cares. We’re local! You don’t need a toll-free number to try to find our techs! Shamrock Heating & Cooling has been servicing Itasca and vicinity since 1971 – that’s more than 40 years. We’re a family business now in our second generation and we are committed to Itasca, not just as a heating and air conditioning company, but as your friends!

The specialty of Shamrock Heating & Cooling always was, and remains residential heating and cooling.

Our technicians can fix or maintain any kind of home central air conditioners or furnace unit. Trust us, in our time in business, we’ve seen virtually every make and model HVAC unit you can imagine. If you need EMERGENCY SERVICE anywhere in Itasca or vicinity, we’ll be there fast! We are on-call 24/7, every day of the year.

We take care of all your indoor comfort needs!

Itasca, if you need on a new heating and cooling system, we should be your first choice for installation. We pledge to never do a sales pitch on you promoting a specific brand. We work with you to choose the best suited for your needs from numerous makes and models.

We know that every home is special. Two similar homes side by side may even have different needs. Every homeowner has a unique situation as well, either financially, family size, health conditions or many other life stressors. We sit down with you and review all of your possibilities to match your particular requirements to the best system in your range. Shamrock Heating & Cooling strives to find the most reasonably priced solution, remembering that we need to weigh price against energy usage. A cheap system will waste a lot of energy over time and we would not recommend a budget solution for that reason.


Schedule an appointment today with Shamrock Heating and Air Conditioning to keep your system running safely and efficiently.

We Appreciate Itasca’s Unique Heating and Cooling Challenges!

Being a local provider Shamrock Heating & Cooling is not a stranger to Itasca’s weather! That is why we are so quick to respond to winter emergency calls and make certain we always fix the problem right so you need not call us back.

There is a real reason why a great deal of our Itasca, IL HVAC business comes from references: we NEVER take your trust for granted. That is why our technicians are among the most highly trained and dependable in all of Illinois. After their formal training, we make sure they understand and appreciate our customer service values.

For example, did you know that Shamrock Heating & Cooling furnishes every one of its Itasca HVAC pro’s with infrared video camera equipment? The cameras can see the tiniest potential problems. Even better, we can show you and explain what you are seeing at the same time! We fix minor problems before they become major.

We Have Served Itasca & Vicinity with Pride Since 1971

We wanted you to know we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and that Angie’s List has consistently given us a Superior Service Provider rating. We will be very happy to share some of our many customer testimonials with you.

Itasca, we are always pleased to answer your AC or furnace repair and installation questions anytime you wish. Itasca’s HVAC comfort is more than just a business to us!