Shamrock’s Discount Club Membership Makes you a Top Priority for 3 Years and Give you Substantial Discounts for Repairs & Tune-Ups!

 Club Members Receive:

  • Priority Service – You are our Top Priority!  Your call goes to the front of the line!
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service – A real live person answers your call day or night.  A Champion Technician is on call for club Members, 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year
  • 15% Off Service Call – We use Flat Rate Pricing (No Hourly Charges Ever!)
  • 15% Off Furnace & Air Conditioner Repairs – We use the Professional Service Institute’s National Pricing Guide, so you know that you are not paying more than you should.
  • 20% Off Furnace Tune-Ups – Included is our infrared inspection safety scan using the innovative Inspector™ camera!  This is the Cadillac of safety for your furnace (your safety will not have to depend on the out of date flashlight & mirror technique ever!)
  • 20% Off Air Conditioner Tune-Ups – A clean air conditioner reduces your energy consumption and that means you have extra money in your pocket!
  • 15% Off Duct Cleanings – Your Family Can Breathe Easier!
  • 5% – 10% Off All New Equipment Installations – Get a higher efficiency system with all of Shamrock’s warranties and guarantees at the best price!



What are Accumulative Replacement Dollars?  When you are “In the Green” not only do you receive discounts on EVERYTHING Shamrock has to offer and Top Priority Service, but now you can earn some extra Green?  10% of every dollar you invest in repairs and maintenance with Shamrock during the life of your furnace & air conditioning systems (as long as you are a Club Member) will be put into your personal “Green” accrual fund.  This accrual fund credit may be used whenever you choose to replace your heating or cooling system with Shamrock.

All of this for only $75 will keep you “In the Green” for the next 3 years!  Call us today at 630-469-2080 to sign up today!