Heating and cooling system components can become contaminated with pollen, dust, mold, and other debris if not properly installed and maintained.  These contaminants may cause allergic reactions in some sensitive people.

Duct cleaning is the process of removing all foreign particles and debris from the interior of your household air ducts (the virtual lungs of your home’s heating and cooling system).  The removal of such contaminants is called “source removal” and is the only way to properly and effectively rectify the problem of built up dust and debris in your home’s ducts.  Some companies prefer to introduce a chemical sealant into your ducts in place of removing the actual dirt, but the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), flatly denounces this practice as ineffective and unsafe.  Yet, other companies promote the introduction of harsh chemicals to kill bacteria or molds that might be growing in your home’s duct system.  The dangers of such strong chemicals are probably self evident to most folks. Shamrock never introduces chemicals into a homeowner’s duct system under any circumstances.  Shamrock adheres to NADCA’s guidelines that the proper way to deal with the dirt within a duct system is to completely remove it and that is precisely what we do.

Most folks now are realizing the importance of indoor air quality, and people are looking at duct cleaning as a way to solve indoor air quality problems.  But how do you know if your ducts actually need to be cleaned or not?


The most effective way to tell if your ducts are contaminated is to have an infrared camera inspection of your ducts.  Shamrock Heating and Air Conditioning is the ONLY duct cleaning company in Dupage and Kane County that does infrared duct inspections at no charge.  Why do we not charge for this service? Because neither you or Shamrock will ever know if duct cleaning is truly needed in your home unless we look into those ducts with a professional infrared camera.

Many competitors don’t use a camera at all, not even to determine if you need duct cleaning.  They sell duct cleaning based solely on “assumption” and will say things like… “if you have never had your ducts cleaned, then you need this service”.  That approach is simply fraudulent.  Would you hire a home cleaning service to clean your house that employed blind workers?  The point is that if a competitor doesn’t even use an infrared camera to determine if duct cleaning is needed, you are at a great risk of being cheated.  Without a camera how would you know that they did a good job?

Some duct cleaning companies try to sell duct cleaning right over the phone, but Shamrock believes that practice to be unethical because when the camera is used, results show that only about 1/2 of the home ducts inspected actually need cleaning.

Tom O’Connor (the owner of Shamrock Heating) says, “We don’t mind performing this needed infrared inspection service at no charge because whether your ducts need to be cleaned or not, we feel that we gain new customers in DuPage and Kane County simply by being honest and sincere with the public.”

So call Shamrock Heating today at 630-469-2080 and schedule your FREE infrared duct inspection.  We don’t send out a salesman.  We send out a technician.  We feel that once you see what may or may not be in your home duct system, you are perfectly capable of deciding on your own if you want them cleaned or not.

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